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ren rock


I got my start at B95 in 2005 at the age of 18. Fresh out of high school, I was chosen to represent The Unfadable Mixsquad on Friday and Saturday nights. My talents have taken me to many "Big Room" nightclubs in cities all over the west coast, sharing stages with artists like Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Jeremih and even legendary acts like Earth, Wind and Fire to name a few.



Born and raised in Fresno and currently train off in a hut in the greener pastures of Kerman. I have always been a music lover of all types of genres and was influenced as a kid to be a musician of some sort.  After getting introduced to turntables in 2004, I quickly became addicted to rocking parties and manipulating music to make it my own piece of art. I loved the high it left me and couldn't find myself doing any other hobby. In 2006 I was given my first o-air opportunity and eventually became part of the B95 All Star DJ's. Holla at me on Instagram: djdizzyb95 Twitter: djdizzi

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Born and raised in Mountain View, CA, I grew up listening to everything and appreciating various genres of music such as Classic Rock, Old School, R&B and Hip Hop. I began to DJ when I was in high school for fun and it slowly turned into a side hustle when I moved to Fresno for college. Throughout college, I've mixed at various events, clubs/bars and private events up and down California.



I’m a 20 year radio veteran from Southern California and I moved to Fresno in 2002 to join B95.  I started my career in Los Angeles by winning a "Wanna Be A DJ" contest. I also had radio runs in Palm Springs and Riverside, but Fresno and B95 have become my home. I’m happy to be back in the 559 and looking forward to big things on B95 and iHeartMedia!  Follow me on all social media: johnmagic



The first time I touched turntables, it was the beginning of an inconceivable love, respect and passion. Soon after, I enrolled and graduated from Scratch DJ Academy founded by Jam Master Jay of Run DMC. I'm the first, female, hip-hop turntablist to become part of the International DJ squad, Groove Zone DJs, and I'm the DJ/Co-Host of the ‘Video Vault’ TV series, airing in Africa and the UK. Proud to be LIVE worldwide right here on B95!

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It’s the energy in a room and that unspoken connection between you and the crowd. That’s what drives me every time I hit the decks.” I’ve been involved with music since high school, but it wasn’t until 2014 that I began to DJ at clubs by myself. I became enamored with the idea that music unifies people and if I could do that, even for one night, I had to. Since then, I’ve grown to find my own sound, been trusted to DJ at some of the best venues in Fresno, and began working on producing my own originals/remixes. I’m proud to join B95 and to share my journey with you all. This is only the beginning! Follow me: Ciscoca5






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