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As the country celebrated President Obama's second inauguration, one of his loudest and proudest supporters, Beyoncé, showed her love for the POTUS on Monday (January 21) when she took the stage to perform the national anthem in Washington, D.C., during the ceremonial swearing-in.

The day was filled with moving speeches, performances and tributes to the United States, and as the event came to an end, it was Bey's time to sing for the president. After the Benediction was delivered by the Reverend Luis Leon, Beyoncé was up to perform "The Star-Spangled Banner." As she made her way to the podium, she gave the First Lady a kiss and interacted with Vice President Joe Biden.

In a demure black dress highlighted with black sequins and emerald-green drop earrings, she was backed by the U.S. Marine Band for her emotional, diva-fied version of the national anthem. On her way out, she greeted the president, who said to her, "Thank you so much."