Even though Big Boi recently reunited with Andre 3000 as OutKast for a long run of dates, the ATL legend is working on his third studio album -- and it'll be released on Epic Records. 

Big Boi is reuniting with L.A. Reid, who signed OutKast to LaFace Records back in 1992. He tells the Huffington Post, "That's my mentor. He understands my music. And one thing about L.A. Reid, there are no creative restraints[... He] let's me make the music I want to make."

As of now, there's no release date for Big Boi's solo set, but he plans to put something out before the end of the year -- he's even hinting at some new material dropping while he's on the road with Andre this summer.

Good question to ask here; did Big Boi only reunite with Andre 3000 to boost his comeback into the rap scene? Furthermore did Andre only do it for the pub of his new movie where he plays Jimi Hendrix? Was this all a sham?