The verdict is still out on guys wearing skinny jeans. Hipsters, and anyone under the age of 25, would say it's a definite yes, but not all guys, just like not all women, can pull off the look. It's more than just a matter of appearance for some guys, however – it's also a matter of comfort. There isn't much room in the crotch area for the Jon Hamms of the world to fit without major squishing. In other words, if he's got a big package, slim fit jeans aren't even an option ... until now.

Slimbs are the new skinny jeans for men who need extra room in the crotch. You gotta love their tagline, “Slim fit jeans that aren't a pain to your manhood.” This is a brilliant idea – not only do the jeans look awesome and trendy, but since you can buy direct from the manufacturer on Kickstarter, they will only cost you $89, and that includes a repair should the jeans tear. (TheFrisky)