CHELSEA HANDLER: In Talks with Netflix


With Chelsea Handlers contract with E! coming to an end this year she is reportedly in talks with Netflix to make it her new home. According to the New York Post, the E! talk show host and comedian has a deal in place with the streaming video provider to create a new program. The format of the program has not yet been decided. Handler has been very critical of E!, even calling it "a sad, sad place to live." (NY Post)


I originally grew up in Southern California but Fresno quickly started to feel like home to me after moving here to go to school. It was during my days at Reedley Community College where I landed an internship with B95 that eventually turned into me doing mid-days and The Juice Crew Morning Show! Growing up, my dad always told us that music can take you to a better place. Although he was talking about Latin music, I felt the same about Hip-Hop and R&B. My advice to listeners is this: Stay up, stay positive, and remember that if you want to be successful, you have to put yourself out there!



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