The biggest problem with dating apps is they are all based on looks alone. And while being attracted to someone is an important part of chemistry, as we all know personality can make a person appear a lot more or a lot less attractive. Well, a new dating App called Willow actually puts a member’s personality before his or her looks in a really interesting way.

Rather than swipe left or right through profile pics, you swipe through faceless questions posed by other members. When one catches your eye, you answer – the whole point being to start dialog before seeing your potential mate.

Questions can be as basic as, “What is the first thing you would do if you won the lottery?" to as silly as, “If your hair was a type of pasta, what kind of pasta would it be?” If your response gets a reply then you can start sharing photos and more personal information.

It’s a neat concept that sounds like a lot of fun ... and if things don’t work out romantically, it might be a great way to make friends. (Elle)