So, I came across this list and found myself saying "OMG YES" to almost all of the listed below! haha Ladies you are not alone in this.

There's no doubt you love your boyfriend or husband, but that doesn't mean they don't annoy you every now and then. Here are some of the most annoying things guys do that make their girlfriends and wives crazy:

  • Leaving the toilet seat up.
  • Putting empty food containers back into the cabinet or fridge instead of throwing them out.
  • Netflix cheating. Watching the next episode of a binge show without waiting for you is so not cool.
  • Bath towels and dirty clothes on the floor.
  • Calling you pet names that aren't cute. "Ham hock" might sound cute in your head, guys, but out loud it's not acceptable.
  • Putting dirty dishes in the sink and leaving them there. Is there some reason they can't make it into the dishwasher? (TresSugar)