He might be going by Snoop Lion these days, but the IRS still knows him as Calvin Cordozar Broadus Junior -- and Calvin has some 'splainin' to do.

He's been hit with a tax lien that says he owes about $546,000 in unpaid taxes. Documentation obtained by TMZ claims Snoop owes taxes from 2009 and 2011. The reason could be because he was trying to pay another tax lien for about $467,000 for 2008. Forbes reports that Snoop raked in $11 million in 2009, $14 million in 2011 and $8 million in 2012.

Where did all the money go? With his new documentary arriving on March 15th and his 12th studio album dropping in the spring, it looks like a lot of Snoop’s income for 2013 could be going to Uncle Sam.