Suge Knight is in trouble yet again; this time for assaulting an employee at a pot dispensary. He was seen coming into a Los Angeles shop looking to get some of his favorite "herbal remedies." Only problem here; he didn't have a medical marijuana card. It is required in California for anyone receiving medical marijuana from a dispensary to have this card. Suge must have thought he was in the “mountain high” state of Colorado, because he walked in and demanded his weed. The employee at the shop told Suge to leave for not having a card and that's when things got crazy. Suge allegedly threatened to kill the guy! Apparently there was some confusion because of a previous agreement Suge said he made with the owner. They had agreed to have Suge make an appearance for cash and weed. Suge received neither and the founder of Death Row Records got hostile. He walked outside to seemingly sort things out with this employee and out of completely nowhere knocks the poor guy completely out! Suge and his entorouge then storm off. TMZ has received video footage of the altercation that you can see here. Charges have been filed against Suge. Stay tuned for more details here on B95!-Intern Niko