Without definitive proof – like finding sexts from someone who isn't you or lipstick on your man's collar, it's easy to dismiss that nagging suspicion that your guy might be cheating. But when a woman has an inkling that something's up, she's usually right!

If you are looking for something a little more convincing than just a hunch to confront him with, check out these distinctive traits that all men who cheat share. If you think something's fishy, and he has a lot of these characteristics, it just might be the push you need to confront him instead of stewing in the dark.

Here are the traits all cheaters have in common:

  • He's secretive: Especially about his phone, laptop and tablet. If he frequently ignores calls and text notifications when you are around, or changes his passcode frequently, he's probably hiding something, or someone, from you. 
  • He disrespects his mom: Men who don't treat their moms right are more likely to treat their wives and girlfriends poorly too. If they don't respect the first woman in their lives chances are they won't respect you or your relationship.
  • He's critical of you: this is how cheaters make you doubt what you know to be true! If he is constantly making you second guess yourself, you are llikely ess to call him out on something!
  • He's forgetful: he never remembers your birthday, or your favorite flower, but the reality is he just doesn't want to get confused! He probably knows all the stats on his favorite sports team but he can't remember how you take your coffee! (Glo)