Whooooops Tyler slipped.... or actually no, I don't believe he did that's just Tyler being himself haha. But of course the beef went onto tweeter here is how the tweets went.

Iggy: “Tyler the Creator is beyond immature. I’ve always believed you had something more to offer the world, Shame to see you be so rude,”

Iggy “People that make enemies and talk s— about people they’ve never even said hi to trip me out. I see it all the time … strange world.”

Tyler immediately replied to Azalea’s tweets by downplaying any hostility.

“Baby girl that wasn’t me. I don’t dress like that. Whatchu talkin’ ’bout? he tweeted.

Iggy responded: “Do ya thing, get your promo, no skin off my back. The energy you put out is what you eventually get back [It] doesn’t affect me.”

Tyler just seemed to laugh the entire thing off. “Successful, Troll, Successful,” he said. “Iggy, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.” Also tweeting " Deadass I apologies tho, I did n't think people would take that serious. haha"