Rachel Canning, the 18-year-old New Jersey high school cheerleader who made headlines earlier this year when she sued her parents for child support, is back in the news. 

Canning moved out of her parents' house and sued them for financial support after they refused to pay her bills. She eventually dropped the suit and reconciled with her parents. But one of the reasons she moved out was because her parents didn't like her boyfriend and she refused to break up with him. Well, it turns out maybe her folks were right about him.

Canning has gotten a restraining order against her boyfriend, Lucas Kitzmiller, after a fight last weekend in which she claims he choked her. She says they got into an argument in the street and he grabbed her around her throat. She then fled to a nearby police department where she filed a domestic violence complaint and got a temporary restraining order. Meanwhile, her relationship with her parents has been peaceful. Canning will be starting college in the fall. (People)