Busta Rhymes is feeling the heat after appearing in a new commercial for the Toyota Sienna, a.k.a. the "Swagger Wagon." In the clip, Busta is shown rapping along side a white suburban family, who mimic today's rap sound. 

Busta might have gotten a check for his appearance, but he also got lambasted by Black Twitter for his efforts. Check out some of the top posts:

  • @RealLifeKaz: “That Busta Rhymes video is the worst thing I’ve seen all year, and I saw Paul George’s leg turn into a churro on Friday.”
  • @JohnGotty: “Integrity sammiches ain’t real, so Busta went and got that check.”
  • @SkyyhookRadio: “Dont lie. Half of y’all would be rushing to a local Toyata dealer and ridin' home in a Swagger Wagon w/ rims tomorrow if it was Kendrick or Jay.
  • @Cthagod: "We gotta stop watching that Swagger Wagon video. It's gonna get a lot of views and somebody at Toyota is going to think they won." 
  • @DavidDTSS: “Busta Rhymes been signed to YMCMB for the last few years, so clearly he hasn’t gotten a check in a while. Let him live. “