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I am a native of Fresno, California; Born and raised. I went to Bullard High School. Go Knights!

Some of my favorite artist (there are so many, but to name a few): Tupac, Eminem, E-40, Kendrick Lamar, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown. BUT the G.O.A.T is Michael Jackson!

The question I get asked most: “What color are your eyes?” My response: They’re like a chameleon; they change color to adapt to their environment.

The dumbest question I get asked: People will look at all my Michael Jackson tattoos and ask; “Are you a Michael Jackson fan?” My response: “Nah, not at all”. My celebrity crush is Nicki Minaj! Oh my goodness. Just give me one shot! Finally, my words to you: “Live life to the fullest”!