Looks like there's more to the story regarding Lil' Wayne's recent boast on Chris Bosh's wife Adrienne. Wayne allegedly told the crowd at a Houston nightclub that he'd slept with Adrienne because he was upset that he'd been banned at NBA games by Bosh's Miami Heat.

But according to GlobalGrind, Wayne and Adrienne used to have a thing back in the day that went sour after she scammed him out of money. A source tells GG that Adrienne told the rapper she had cancer and needed money for treatment, then skated after he put up the funds. The source adds that Bosh knew about his wife's shady past, but choose not to make an issue out of it. 

While Adrienne has not directly commented on the allegations, she did send out a cryptic tweet stating, “Truth prevails. Today stand in your truth and ignore the chatter around and about you.”

Meanwhile, the NBA is denying that they've banned Wayne from games, telling the Miami Herald that the rapper's allegations were "not true."