Alec Baldwin approves of his teenage daughter’s lesbian relationship.

Ireland Baldwin recently announced her same-sex affair with rapper Angel Haze. Earlier this spring, the 18-year-old fashion model was hand-in-hand with boyfriend Slater Trout, a dirty-blonde surfer boy.

Papa Baldwin, the temperamental actor, has been caught slinging homophobic slurs. However, it’s a different story when it comes to his own flesh and blood. An insider revealed, (quote) “Alec has had a troubled relationship with Ireland. Still, he told his daughter that if she loved Angel Haze, she certainly had his blessing.”

Ireland’s mother is actress Kim Basinger. There are reports mom isn’t so thrilled by this fledgling relationship. It’s not the gay thing, though. She’s concerned the rapper may be “using” Ireland and the Baldwin's fame to propel her music career.  Source: National Enquirer