Flavor Flav has taken a plea deal in his domestic violence case involving the teenage son of his longtime girlfriend. The rapper pleaded guilty to reduced charges and was sentenced to probation Monday.

In court, Flavor admitted to wielding a kitchen knife during an argument last year with the teen. The boy had testified earlier that the rapper-turned-reality star threatened to kill him, chased him to a bedroom and stabbed the knife through the door during the incident. Whoa here's Johnny, or maybe here's Flava!

Flav faced up to 12 years in prison.

The family has reportedly reconciled and is seeking counseling. "I love my son and my son loves me, too," the star told the judge.

Attorneys do not expect Flav's Las Vegas conviction to affect his pending felony speeding and driving without a license case in Long Island, New York. Flav has a lot of work to do here.