Stevie J has been arrested for failing to pay child support.

The Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta star was taken away by authorities today (Tuesday) in Georgia for racking up $1 million in child support debt.

According to TMZ, in 1997 and 1998, Stevie J had two children with then-girlfriend Carol Antoinette Bennett. After they split up, Stevie was initially ordered to pay $6600 a month, and that was eventually increased to $8500. But Stevie, born Steven Jordan, allegedly hasn't paid a dime since 2001, leaving him with a tab over a million bucks.

Bennett says, ”My kids are 14 and 16. He has not made a voluntary payment in years. There’s a court order in place to pay X amount per month. He’s missed 168 payments.

Stevie is set to face criminal charges in New York.

Watch the video of Stevie being handcuffed and taken away on TMZ.