The Juice Crew has got your back Central Valley! Here are some of the most popular Hibbidy Skippitty myths we were told as a kid; exposed.


1.  Green M&M's make you horny.


ummmmmm......No, unless those m&m's are actually blue AND called Viagra



2.  You can't get pregnant in a hot tub.


If this were true half of the worlds population wouldn't even be here......





3.  Mountain Dew reduces your sperm count and shrinks your testes.


Do The Dew!! Don't worry about shrinkage here; that is unless this Dew has steriods in it and was given to you at your local gym by a guy who looks like Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka...

4.  You can get pregnant from a toilet seat.


No, unless that toilet seat happens to be the unfortunate victim of you and a partner doing some Hibbidy's in the bathroom. Poor toilet seat....



5.  Jumping up and down after sex stops you from getting pregnant.


Ask Kriss Kross if this works........



6.  Wearing two condoms is better than one.


Actually two causes rubbing and breakage.....thus defeating the purpose, Nascar fans everywhere are in shock