"The Other Woman" (R) Trailer

Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann become unlikely friends after they find out that the guy Cameron's been dating is Leslie's husband . . . who's also cheating on both of them with Kate Upton's breasts. So all three of them team up to plot their revenge. And Nicki Minaj is Cameron's best friend.

"Brick Mansions" (PG-13) Trailer

This is the last movie Paul Walker completed before his death. It's set in the future where part of Detroit is walled off to contain the worst criminals. He's a cop who teams up with an ex-con to go after a drug dealer played by RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan.

"The Quiet Ones" (PG-13) Trailer

Jared Harris from "Mad Men" is a college professor experimenting on Olivia Cooke from A&E's "Bates Motel". She's a disturbed girl who causes supernatural phenomena. Sam Claflin from "The Hunger Games" movies is the guy filming the experiments. You'd remember him as Finnick Odair in "Catching Fire".