How a Former Exotic Dancer Reached Number One

“Bodak Yellow” we’ve all heard it and we all love it whether we are in the car, the club or the gym. The song by Bronx native Cardi B has received great recognition from fans and mainstream artist alike. But how exactly did a former exotic dancer manage to beat out the queen of pop Taylor Swift for the number one position on the billboard charts?

Well to answer this question we need a little bit of background on who Cardi B. is and how she rose to having the hottest track in the country. The story of Cardi B’s rise to mainstream success began the same way many other artist achieve success now a days, she was internet famous. Cardi Successfully acquired hundreds of thousands of fans on Instagram due to her “no filter” attitude and hilarious comedy sketches. 

By 2015 her viral fame eventually led to her getting a recurring role on “Love & Hip-Hop: New York”, around the same time she made her debut into music with a feature on Shaggy’s Reggae fusion remix of “Boom Boom”.

Her debut into the music scene was met with quite a bit of criticism, which many argue was well deserved. However her persistent bold and outspoken attitude that she maintained whether on or off camera, is what kept her fans faithful despite the quality of music she was releasing. 

By 2017 Cardi had left “Love & Hip-Hop: New York” and by the surprise of many she signed a deal with Atlantic Records. Now throughout the Hip-Hop Community this deal was seen a quick cash grab by Atlantic. Since her musical reputation alone would have most likely not got her a deal many began to speculate her viral fame and success on Love & Hip-Hop: New York was a major contributor to her being signed.

 However to the dismay of many her debut single “Bodak Yellow”, was to say the very least a pleasant surprise.

 Yet despite the drastic rise in the quality of music, many in the Hip-Hop community didn’t expect the single to reach the heights of success it has today. So what exactly drove this debut single to number one on the charts? Many have argued that it was a combination of things; first of all the song itself is amazing, and unlike many newly signed artist Cardi wasn’t someone who was thrusted into the spotlight without anyone really knowing who she was.

Cardi had amassed a large fan base and those already previously established fans help drive the song up the charts. Another contributing factor in the success of Bodak Yellow, was that specifically woman loved it. Everything from the lyrical content to Cardi’s aggressive and boisterous flow resonated strongly to a female audience which is typically heavily overlooked in the Hip Hop community. 

Cardi B has raised the bar for what a female Hip Hop artist is expected to achieve in mainstream success, and many hope that her debut album maintains the quality of Bodak Yellow.



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