Woman's Microblading Nightmare Goes Viral

Shannon Bozell of Kalamazoo, Michigan doesn't often spend money on herself, but having grown tired of not having any eyebrows because of some over-plucking in her youth, she decided to spend $350 on microblading. After doing some research about the procedure, in which eyebrows are tattooed on the face, Bozell chose an artist to do the microblading. However, after it was done, Shannon was very disappointed.

She shared before and after pics on Facebook writing, "I went from not having any eyebrows to having the BIGGEST ugliest eyebrows in Kalamazoo." Three days later, she went back to the salon so the person who did the brows could "scrape" off some of the color and reshape them, but Shannon says that caused her eyebrows to get infected and blistered. The artist, who has refused to give a refund, asked Shannon to come back again but Shannon wrote, "I wasn't letting that lady touch me again."

Now she has to spend more money to have the eyebrows removed.

Shannon spoke to her local news, saying she now has "big caterpillar eyebrows that don't fit [her] face." She explained she has gotten bangs and dyed her hair to hide the brows but still when she goes out in public, she's embarrassed and sees people giving her funny looks.

As for the artist who did the brows, she stated, "I stand by the work that I did when she left, and I stand behind the fact that I told her in detail what the process could be and what the process was." She explained that it can take 30 days for eyebrows to "shrink" and become their final color. She also noted that she had drawn diagrams on Shannon's face, showing her what the brows would look like and that Bozell approved them, something Shannon doesn't deny but says she didn't understand what she was looking at with the diagrams.

Shannon says she hopes people read artist reviews and "learn from [her] mistake." Meanwhile, the artist is upset about the negative feedback she is getting from people across the globe. She said, "This is my everything. I don’t take it as a joke. I take what I do very seriously. I tried many times to get her [Bozell] to come into my studio so I could make this right with her, and unfortunately that never happened."

Photo: Facebook/ShannonBozell

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