City Of Fresno Programs To Help Small Businesses

Fresno businesses can now tap into city funds through the Save Our Small Business Act.

The City of Fresno has announced a new program offering zero-interest loans to help small businesses stay afloat. It is a partnership between the city of Fresno, Access Plus Capital and the Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission.

If the businesses are still open in a year, the loans won't have to be paid back.

Fresno EOC CEO Emilia Reyes explained, "Eligible small businesses between five or fewer employees may apply for $5,000 loans. Eligible businesses between six and 25 may apply for the $10,000 loan."

The $750,000 available will be spread out among businesses in all seven council districts.

You can find information on how to apply here.

The application period ends on April 12. Selected businesses will be notified on April 17. The money will be distributed on April 20. You can also call (559) 621-8371 for more information on the loan program.

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