Have Your Received Your Stimulus Check?

The IRS began sending out the $1,200 coronavirus relief checks to Americans, and millions of people have been checking their bank accounts multiple times per day to see if the money has been deposited. As of Wednesday (April 15), the government estimates that about 80 million Americans should have received the money.

Instead of refreshing your bank account balance and hoping to see if the money is there, the IRS has created an easier way to track your check. You can get started by heading over to the IRS's coronavirus web portal and clicking the "Get My Payment" button. You will need to enter Social Security number, your date of birth, and your mailing address.

If you are eligible for the stimulus check and have previously provided your bank account information, the IRS will let you know when to expect your money. If you have not provided your banking information, you will be able to enter it so the IRS can deposit the funds directly into your account.

Those who do not provide the IRS with their direct deposit information will have to wait for the government to mail them a physical check, which won't start happening until May, at the earliest.

If you want to know how money you will receive, there's an online tool you can use to calculate how much you should be getting.

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