GoFundMe: Cressman's & The Gillett Family Fundraiser

Cressman's and The Gillett Family Fundraiser


Linda Giglio is organizing this fundraiser:

There are simply no words to describe the horror of the Creek Fire. At the time I am writing this, it has already burned 140,00 + acres in the Sierra National Forest, and, unfortunately, is still going strong. I am sure everyone in the greater Fresno area knows someone affected by this inferno blazing in our backyards. For me, it is my friend, Tara, her husband, Ty, and her two beautiful children, Emmett and Paige. 

On Saturday, they evacuated with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. This morning she woke up to the news that her house has burned down, along with their family business, Cressman’s, an iconic landmark in Shaver Lake. For those who don’t know, Cressman’s is a General Store that was built in 1904. For over a century it has serviced to provide, food, fuel and supplies to loggers, fishermen, and campers. Tara and Ty purchased the business in 2019 and have loved every minute of owning this local treasure and continuing to serve essential needs to locals and travelers.

Tara is also a beloved Nurse Practitioner at Valley Children’s Hospital. She has always put the needs of her patients, friends, family and community, above her own. Now she needs our help. If able, please donate to Cressman's and The Gillett Family Fund to help our loving friends and neighbors start the steps of rebuilding their lives.

Funds will be used to rebuild Cressman's, help the Gillett Family, the families of their employees, and other families who have been equally affected by the Creek Fire.

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