Donate Today & Support The Local Heroes In Our Community

California is facing a devastating fire season, so iHeartMedia and Jack Daniel's Tennessee Fire are matching the $10,000 donated in support of first responders in California. Find out how you can donate to the Fresno Fire Chief's Foundation below. Jack Daniel’s created their first fire brigade in 1930 in Lynchburg, Tennessee and have made a promise to continue to support our brave firefighters when it matters most. For the past 5 years Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire has been supporting California Fundraising efforts.

Any donation helps. Donate today!

100% of all donations will stay local and 100% of the money donated goes to the foundation, they don’t have any admin fees like other non-profits do.

Fresno Fire Chief's Foundation Mission: Supporting the local heroes in our community and committed to investing in safety education and fire prevention programs.

The FFD budget provides the resources to meet most of the Department’s operational needs; however, it falls short when it comes to charitable assistance for public education, prevention and promotion of community involvement with the FFD. With community partnerships, the FFCF can pick up where City resources leave off by providing much needed support to community programs such as Helmets are Cool, Champ Camp, Central California Burn Aware Education, Fire Explorers, and our latest program addition – Fitness for Firefighters.

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