Ray J, Sammie, Pleasure P & Bobby V Plot To Form New R&B Group After Verzuz

Ray J, Sammie, Pleasure P & Bobby V

Photo: Getty Images

The latest Verzuz battle between Mario and Omarion had the R&B veterans going hit for hit, but the hilarious calamity truly began with the pre-show battle between Ray J, Sammie, Pleasure P and Bobby V. Apparently, they had such a great time doing the show that they want to form a new R&B group.

During a four-way Instagram Live session they held on Monday night, June 27, all four R&B singers discussed how they could join forces to become a new R&B group. All four singers talked about what their roles in the group would be and how they could get together to record a project.

"I think the first order of business is the music," Sammie said. "we can't be a group if we have bad music and none of us creates bad music."

From there, the conversation started to go left and instantly gave fans flashbacks of their Verzuz battle. Before they formed a plan to release new music, Pleasure P proclaimed his songwriting and singing skills dominated over the rest of the group while Bobby V played the piano and Ray J promoted his new show College Hill on BET+. Before they spoke on other business moves for the potential group, Ray J, Sammie and Bobby V cleared the air about the comical moment during their Verzuz battle when all the performers teamed up on Ray J to sing "One Wish."

"I didn't try to steal your moment," Sammie explained. "I was really just trying to like sing with you and then when I realized maybe you had too many Casamigos shots, we were trying to help. If there's any consolation, the group part -- that's your team mate part."

The group will be known as RSVP, which is an acronym based on all of their names. According to Pleasure P, the group would be like a modern day Jodeci. All four of the R&B singers like working together so the conversation about their future will most likely continue. See what The Breakfast Club thinks of the situation below.

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