Polo G Debuts First-Ever Diamond iPhone Chain Worth Six Figures

Polo G

Photo: Getty Images

Polo G recently stunned his fans and jewelry connoisseurs with his rare diamond chain that holds the world's first-ever iPhone pendant.

On Tuesday, January 24, the "Bag Talk" rapper debuted his new "B" chain with a diamond-encrusted 3D bulldog holding the Apple device. In a video posted to social media, Atlanta-based jeweler Icebox explains that the pendent itself weighs over half a kilogram and has more than 90 karats of VS diamonds. The chain alone weighs up to 400 grams and has at least 60 karats of diamonds. Red enamel was also used on the edges of each "B" and the dog's paws.

“Yeah man, hardest chain in the f**king game right now," Polo G said in the video. "Shout-out to Icebox on gang!”

There's an opening on one side of the pendant to charge the iPhone. It even has a couple of latches on the bull dog that allows Polo to switch out the device whenever he wants. One of Icebox's owners Zahir "Z" Jooma and three other designers work collectively together for several months to create the Boston Red Sox-inspired chain and bull dog pendant. The overall process lasted longer than usual because the team had to ensure that the phone would still be functional while inside the custom-made piece. A rep from Icebox confirmed to iHeartRadio that the total price for both chain and pendant could not be disclosed, but it is "well in the six-figure range."

The rare piece of jewelry was made in honor of Polo G's late best friend BMoney 1300. His childhood friend was shot and killed in Chicago back in 2021. Polo G paid homage to his friend in his own Instagram post about the chain. Check out another angle of the chain and pendant below.

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