Huge Flying Object Falls Through Roof Of California Couple's Home

Roof damage

Photo: iStockphoto

Jon and Renae LeClair were recently inside of their home in Big Bear when a large object flew from the sky and barreled through their roof. According to ABC7, the object was a large hunk of ice that tore through the shingles and landed in the couple's attic. Jon LeClair recalled the sound that the ice made when it slammed into their home.

"It was almost like a sonic boom. It was huge. My wife came out and she thinks somebody's breaking into the house. I said 'I don't think so;' it was like a cannon shot." Since the incident, Jon has been attempting to contact, someone, anyone who can keep something like this from occurring again.

"This is going to kill someone eventually. I have no clue. I can't get a hold of the FAA. [The National Transportation Safety Board] says it's not their territory. I filed a report with the sheriff's department and they're just scratching their heads."ABC7 mentioned that the hole was a whopping 24-inches in diameter, and the ice was almost as big as a bowling ball. The couple believe that the large hunk of ice came from a plane flying over their house rather than from space.

"I'm thinking [it was from a] plane, but it's so warm, how can that happen? I know it's 40,000 feet up, but we're pretty warm down here. I don't know." A similar incident also occurred in Chino and Fontana in 2017. Jon and Renae LeClair were not injured as a result of the falling ice hunk.

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