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David Blane's Top 5 Most Mind Blowing Tricks

David Blaine is arguably one of the greatest magicians that has ever lived. His ability to dedicate himself completely to his craft has led him to master some truly unbelievable stunts. 

#1: For this mind Blowing stunt David Blaine has gathered a star-studded audience that includes Drake, Dave Chappelle, and Steph Curry.  (WARNING: Explicit Content)

#2: To be honest we still don't know if this was actually a trick or not, and by the looks of Ricky Gervais reaction he isn't either. (WARNING: Explicit Content)

#3: Harrison Ford is so stunned by this trick that he demands Blaine to leave his home! (WARNING: Explicit Content)

#4: Jamie Foxx and his daughter have no idea how they felt what he did. (WARNING: Explicit Content)

#5: Did David Blaine just read Margot Robbie's mind!? (WARNING: Explicit Content)

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