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In Memory Of Lesandro Guzman Feliz

Last week, in what now is believed to be a case of mistaken identity, a 15-year-old boy named Lesandro Guzman Feliz was brutally murdered by gang members in the Bronx.

The hashtag #justiceforjuinor is cycling the internet after the attack. Surveillance videos surfaced showing the gang members pulling Feliz out of a Bodega corner store, then over five men repeatedly stabbed Feliz with knives and machetes. Feliz was able to run away after the men backed off. He made his way to the hospital down the street before bleeding out in front of the emergency room. 

Social Media is raging after the incident, saying the attack is "unfair" and that he is "just a child." People are also criticizing police after a video shows them asking what happened instead of rushing him into the hospital. 

After an interview with news outlets, his sister said Feliz' last words were that he "needed water" because he was choking on blood.  

Police have tracked down six members of the Trinitarios gang, and believe that more suspects are involved in the attack. They believe it was a case of mistaken identity a video of a young girl involved in a sex tape surfaced. The video, posted on Facebook, showed two young men having sex with the girl who is believed to be a family member of the gang members. 

The Bodega where the murder happened is now shut down an investigation is still underway to catch all suspects in the murder. 

Celebrities are showing their love to the Feliz family, LALA Anthony came to visit the family and Rapper Cardi B donated 8-thousand dollars to the family as well. 

People in the Bronx are also gathering for a memorial where he was killed with candles chanting "Justice for Junior." 

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