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Ferguson Fire Changes Direction And Threatens Yosemite Homes

The Ferguson Fire is now over 43,000 acres large and is growing in size at an average of 1,700 acres over each night. 

Ferguson switched directions and is now threatening homes in the Yosemite area. At 27% percent containment residents in Yosemite are uneasy as the fire continues to grow. This week fire officials made a mandatory evacuation for the park. 

The continued hot weather is not helping firefighters battle Ferguson. Jim Mackensen, with the U.S. Forest Service, spoke to our news partners at ABC 30 and said, "Obviously, like with anybody, when its hot like this you'll have to move a lot slower. You can't go at the same tempo as if you would if it was a cooler day. So it requires the folks to take more breaks, they have to carry more stuff-- it's not unusual for a crew member to work with a hand tool and go through two to three gallons of water a day."

Air quality in The Valley is also being affected. 

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