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Tweet Threatens To 'Waste' Everyone In Clovis Town Hall Event For Janz

Twitter user "Mtat22" has a slew of aggressive and negative tweets throughout the profile towards political matters, but one has gained attention after a response to a tweet saying, "How about I waste you and everybody in the Clovis town hall." 

@Mtat22 has zero followers, the profile picture is of New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, and the profile biography states, "Fresno State only cares about Racist teachers and Dreamers." 

This isn't the only tweet throughout the profile with political talk and further down the profile are more about sports, one saying Lebron James does not have a college, saying "don't talk liberal." 

The Fresno Bee reported Janz called Clovis PD and with concern for canceling the event. He decided to have the event as planned, there was no incident. 

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