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Update On Everyone's Favorite Hitch-Hiker

After waiting 6 years to go to trial, Kai the "wielding hatchet man" has been officially convicted of murder.

Kai claimed he was sexually assaulted and drugged by an attorney in New Jersey, (see article at the bottom) when he beat him to death. He claimed he was innocent, but yesterday his conviction became final.

1. That Day In Fresno

Caleb McGillvray, “Kai The Hitch Hike”, turned into an Internet sensation after displaying some heroic actions in Fresno California. For those unaware of the story, in 2013, Kai was hitchhiking and picked a ride with a man (Jett Simmons) who turned out to be a deranged lunatic claiming to be “Jesus Christ.” Jett then crashes into pedestrians and pins a PG&E worker to a truck. A nurse happens to be at the scene and immediately rushes to aid the victim. Jett quickly jumps out of his vehicle and attacks the woman. Kai reacts and pulls a hatchet from his backpack and repeatedly strikes Jett in the back of the head, “ SMASH, SMASH, SUHMASHH!” Jett Simmons was taken into custody by the Fresno Police Department and Kai was set free.

2. Kai Goes Viral!

A Fresno news producer uploads an onsite interview he had with Kai at the scene of the crime. The video instantly goes viral with over 6.5 million views to date! Kai didn’t hold back on any details of what happened and even explains his story. If you haven’t watched this video or need a refresher check it out!

3. Kai vs. Jett

Kai was asked to testify at Jett Simmons Trial. Which in all honesty is probably the greatest thing ever. Watch for your selves. 

4. Prize Fighter Kai.

Kai Finds himself in some trouble at a bar and beats up a guy at a bar after being asked “ What the f*** are you doing brushing your teeth here”. Kai begins to explain that he felt that bullied and proceeded to ask the guy when was the last time he got “laid”. After wards they both fought which led, According to Kai, having the guys face split open to the point where he could’ve needed surgery.

5. Jimmy Kimmel!

A couple of weeks after the incident in Fresno, Kai was invited to the Jimmy Kimmel Show! Jimmy interviewed him on special segment and invited Kai to join him on a “car ride”, where he surprises Kai with his own Surfboard and wetsuit!

Check Out Kai's Reaction! 

6. Kai vs. The Waves

Ebaum’s word decided to treat Kai by hooking him up with surf gear, and taking him to catch some waves. Action cams were attached to the surfboard to show Kai’s skills. Watch Kai take on some waves!

7. Citizen Kai

Months after what happened in Fresno, Kai Surprises the masses with his own Reggae EP called “Citizen Kai”. For those who have been following the Internet sensation know that his love for his guitar and making music is real! You can find videos of Kai singing while playing his guitar (then ukulele since guitar was stolen) all over YouTube. He’s not exactly the songbird of our generation but he seems to be enjoying himself.

Also at one point he surprises with a new face tattoo. Watch out 21 savage.

8. Kai Kills A Man - Woah Turning Point!

After weeks of celebrating life on the west coast, Kai got himself into some trouble in the East Coast that led to his arrest in May 2013. According to his Facebook account, He claims that he was drugged and sexually abused by New Jersey Lawyer Joseph Galfy. After being spotted by a Starbucks barista who recognized Kai by his new face tattoo, she immediately notified local authorities. Kai was found in only his socks and underwear. Kai is currently in Union County Jail In New Jersey where his bail is set at $3 Million. Kai plead innocent and awaited trial for almost 6 years.

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