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Is Chuck E. Cheese's Recycling Pizza Slices?

Chuck E. Cheese’s swears they’re not repurposing old pizza slices to turn them into “fresh pizzas” as a YouTuber’s conspiracy theory suggests. The family-friendly chain has been accused of the practice by Shane Dawson, host of the Investigating Conspiracies YouTube channel, who has more than 20-million subscribers.

In a recent “Conspiracies” video, he floats the theory that Chuck E.’s is reusing uneaten slices and cobbling them together to re-serve as a whole pie. Dawson refers to online photos of their whole pizzas that appear to be made of mismatched slices and recalls seeing this during his own visits as a kid. In the end, he concludes that the “mystery” is “unsolved.”

But a rep for Chuck E. Cheese’s denies the claims and says they’re “unequivocally false” and that the reason their pies aren’t always uniform in shape is because they’re make their own dough and prepare them in the restaurants.

Source:BuzzFeed News

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