KEHLANI: Breaks Down, Cancels Show

TMZ UPDATE 9:15 AM PT -- Kehlani posted a video on IG further clearing up her emotional speech to fans, saying she's fine mentally ... and that she's just physically sick and exhausted. She says she only needs rest ... nothing more.

Kehlani fought another battle with her mental demons last night (Monday) -- and cancelled a show in Grand Rapids, Michigan at the last minute.

Just before the curtain was supposed to go up, she walked onstage in street clothes and said that she was unable to perform because she felt "crazy" and needed to go to a hospital. A little more than a year ago, she was placed on a psychiatric hold because doctors thought she might harm herself.

This morning, Kehlani posted on social media that she's still feeling down but that the show's promoter has agreed to reschedule for next month. (TMZ)



 Hey guys not sure why blogs are reporting that I had a mental breakdown but mentally I'm fucking fantastic lol physically tour is EXHAUSTING and people get sick all the time. Please be aware what you spread in regards to mental health; that can be really detrimental. I love you guys! Speak only what you know.

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