Kehlani Was Not Having That BS Today!


Kehlani  has no time for haters or hecklers. At a recent show, a concertgoer screamed out “Kyrie” between songs -- a reference to her ex-boyfriend Kyrie Irving, who recently lost in the NBA Finals. 

Kehlani asked for the lights to be turned up and for the heckler to be pointed out so that security could remove the guy. She even fired off a couple of parting shots, saying, "Kyrie will whoop your...ass. That's my best [freakin’] friend.” 

In a recent Instagram post, she says that after a year of being tormented and harassed and receiving death threats, she finally stood up for herself instead of having a panic attack and crying. Kehlani says she’s proud of herself, her team is proud of her and her mom is proud, too. 



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