Is Someone Snooping Through Your Phone?

There is seriously an app for everything! If you think someone is snooping through your phone, now you can have the proof! Apparently there is an app the catches people in the act. Peep this:

  • Like the iPhone app: Who Snooped. After it’s activated, if anyone slides the unlock-screen button – boom – the app takes a picture of them and a message pops up that says “Stop Snooping.” It costs a dollar on iTunes.
  • The Hidden Eye app for Android works the same way. It snaps a picture of anyone who incorrectly enters your passcode. But you can put the app in stealth mode, so the snooper has no idea they’re secretly getting busted.
  • And, if you want to know exactly what someone wanted to see on your phone? The iTrust app will tell you. It records a video of the snooper’s every move on your phone, like them opening your text messages, or photos. It costs a buck on iTunes.


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