TUPAC SHAKUR: X Rated Pic Being Auctioned

One of Tupac's exes is selling off a picture of the late legend that shows off a part of him only few have seen -- literally.

An auction house that deals in music memorabilia is looking to unload a photo taken at a 1990 Marin County, California house party. The flick shows 'Pac dropping trou and showing off his private parts -- bush and all. 

The story behind the picture is actually pretty amusing. Apparently Pac found it funny to try and shock his friends by whipping his thing out at inopportune times. On the night in question, his girlfriend told him that if he didn't cover up, she'd snap a picture of him in the act. And the rest is history, which can be yours for a starting bid of $7500. If nobody pays that much, the woman is prepared to sell the freaky flick to the highest bidder.



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