Clovis East teacher Accused of Using Racial Slurs


A Clovis East student is claiming her ag teacher, Ken Dias, publicly shamed her for not standing for the flag salute.

The report claims the student was on her phone when Dias used racial slurs such as, "go back to your country" and "you're a disgrace." The school district won't comment on if Dias was disciplined but students noted he was absent on Thursday and Friday.

Ken Dias is well respected and a recipient of many awards. Parents are said to be waiting to hear both sides of the story before they judge. 

Here is his full response, submitted to Clovis East principal Kevin Kerney:

This letter constitutes my official response to the allegations of February 7, 2018. I am informed, that the following complaint was made by a student against me:To:Kevin Kerney, Principal, Clovis East High SchoolFrom:Ken DiasDate:February 13, 2018RE: Response to Letter of ReprimandThis letter constitutes my official response to the allegations of February 7, 2018. I am informed, that the following complaint was made by a student against me:On Wednesday, February 7, 2018 it is alleged that I made inappropriate comments and acted unprofessionally towards a student in my classroom, after she refused to stand for the Flag Salute. In the Letter of Reprimand, I am quoted as saying things like she should be "ashamed" and "embarrassed", and that I felt that she was "disrespecting our country" by not standing and using her cell phone during the Pledge of Allegiance. I am also attributed to stating that I had "family that fought in wars", and that "if you don't want to stand for our country, you should go back to your country."Furthermore, I have been directed to improve the following areas:1.You will be professional and use a positive and supportive tone when addressing your students in the classroom.2.You will not make statements that can be perceived as discriminatory.3.You will maintain an appropriate tone when disciplining a student. You will refrain from becoming upset at a student, even when you disagree with their actions.4.You will refrain from humiliating a student in front of their peers.I fully acknowledge and understand the content and corresponding instructions dictated in the memorandum. However, this acknowledgment is not to be interpreted as an admission of wrongdoing. I am advised and understand that this matter is considered resolved, and no further action against me is pending or being investigated as it pertains to the incident detailed above. As I indicated on the face of the memorandum, by underlining, and printing the word "wrong". The statements attributed to me are blatantly erroneous, and or severely taken out of context. It is not a secret, that I am a proud American. I embrace daily what it means to be an American. I appreciate the luxuries afforded to all us by this great country. One of those luxuries is that we are free to express our ideas and beliefs without undue bias or discrimination. For many months, the student referenced here, has chosen to remain seated during the Flag Salute, without any comment or discourse. Although it would not be my choice, I respect that she does, in fact, have a choice. Never, have any criticisms or discriminatory comments been made to this student regarding her choice to remain seated. This issue stems, not from this student's right to sit during the Pledge of Alliance, but rather her cell phone use during class. She was initially instructed that she should not be on her cell phone. My request was met by this student with argument and hostility. This reaction stimulated a somewhat political discussion, as there are various points of view and opinions surrounding this very popular movement to remain seated during our Pledge of Allegiance. I understand that her intent, is to emulate what has become popular in today's professional sports arena, where athletes have chosen to kneel as opposed to stand for the playing of our National Anthem. Although I do not agree with this display, I accept it as part of our constitutional right to choose. Because I love this country and everything that it stands for, I would never intentionally infringe on the fundamental right to choose, nor would I ever intentionally humiliate a student based on, ethnicity, race, religion, gender, class, sexual preference, sexual orientation or for any other reason.I am an educator, I have been dedicated and loyal not only to my employer, Clovis Unified School District, but also to my students, and this community. I believe that Agriculture is an essential industry not only for the Central Valley, but for the entire State of California. The industry of Agriculture is one of, if not the most diverse industries in the world, it encompasses many unique and different ideas, theories and concepts. I have dedicated my entire career to teaching students the value and importance of agriculture. With this great responsibility, I have the privilege to work with students from all different walks of life and cultures, I welcome this diversity, and approach it as an opportunity for me to unite students through this diversity using Agriculture, the very thing that I have dedicated my life and teaching to, as an example of the importance of diversity and how it effects the world. For example, farmers use diversity in planting crops, crops are rotated and changed to help preserve the soil and the land, to ensure the success of future crops, diversity is an essential factor.I am saddened deeply to know that a student has felt anything other than respect from me. I am resolute in my position that it was never my intention to isolate, humiliate, discriminate, or embarrass a student. Additionally, I was shocked by the amount of media and attention that this incident has generated. Although I realize that the District does not control what is reported in the media, I would be remiss if I didn't mention how discouraging it is to see how the media has portrayed this situation. I genuinely hope, that nothing reported by the media will hold any bearing on my reputation as a dedicated teacher. I have taken much joy and pleasure watching my students grow and excel and become successful and productive members of society. I have enjoyed many successes as an educator and a coach, I am very proud of the legacy I have created through the Agricultural Department of Clovis Unified School District, my students and teams have competed for over 30 years proudly and respectfully wearing the name "Clovis". It is my intention to continue to strive for excellence as an educator for Clovis Unified. In 2015 I was honored to be the recipient of the Outstanding Teacher Award, presented by the California Agricultural Teachers' Association, I am proud of this achievement, and aim to continue to uphold the standards expected by the district, but more importantly, exceed those standards based on the goals and expectations I have set for myself and followed over the course of my career.



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