Nicki Minaj's Ex BF Safaree's, NUDES Break The Internet

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Social media users couldn’t help but react after waking up to Safaree Samuels’ junk all over their timelines this morning (Monday). 

Twitter users wrote things like, "Y’all spent too much time tryna play #Safaree cuz he was 'corny,' but he’s funny, good looking, about his family, and now we know of his secret weapon. I’m on his side.” And “Safaree’s package was a gift sent straight from Wakanda.”

Others weren’t so excited to see his private part. One wrote, “I really wish I didn’t look to see why Safaree is a trending topic.”

The picture even helped change some people’s perception of the rapper and reality star. They wrote, “Now I see what Nicki saw in Saf” and, “You know, his music’s actually starting to sound pretty good to me now."

Many suspect the leaker who posted the nude picture of Nicki Minaj’s former flame is none other than Safaree himself. 

TSRStaff: Thembi ( @ThembiTV_ ) _____________________________________ Another day, another leaked video--and this time, it's one people are pleasantly surprised by! _____________________________________ That's right, #Safaree's nudes done broke the internet y'all!! _____________________________________ Video and pictures of ya new #MCM's nudes surfaced all over twitter and the ladies--and fellas--can't seem to get enough. _____________________________________ Click the #Safaree hashtag to catch up and find out why #NickiMinaj may need to come out of hiding 👀

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TSRStaff: Thembi ( @ThembiTV_ ) _____________________________________ [SWIPE] #TSRIcanRelate: Alright Roommates, you know how it is when you see something on the internet, or wherever else y'all be 👀and you just have to share it or send it to someone because you can totally relate? _____________________________________ Welp, of course twitter has some of the realist of the realist people on social media, so here are a few of the most relatable tweets of the week!!

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