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NEW APP ALERT: Vero The New Instagram?

I'm sure you've heard of this new app thing called 'Vero'. If you haven't seen anything about it on your social media feed, I'm sure you will soon because Artist and other social media users are flocking over to it.

People are calling the app the "New Instagram". But it has already been found to have a number of potential issues – including the fact that it isn't actually working for many people, and the fact that it will eventually start charging subscription fees. (Booo! Sorry Vero, you lost me with that one already!)

The interesting thing is that Vero actually launched years ago, setting itself in direct opposition to other apps like Facebook and Instagram. But somehow it's been gradually gathering pace in recent days, with a a lot of popular Instagram users posting that they are going to start using the site.

But because of that interest, it has led the app itself to stop working. People are complaining about the fact that they can't sign up because of technical issues, and if they do sign on, some are finding themselves unable to actually post once they do.

 Vero's Twitter account released the following statement:

"Due to very large traffic, we're experiencing intermittent technical issues," it posted. "We're working to resolve them as soon as possible." "Thanks for your patience while we continue to work to resolve the current service outage," one reads, while another thanks users for their "support and understanding" during the issues.

Vero has also been transparent about the fact that it will eventually charge people to have accounts on the service. "We made our business model subscription-based," a 'Manifesto' on the company's website reads, "making our users our customers, not advertisers". Eventually users will have to pay an annual fee to get onto the site. Companies will also have to pay if they use a "buy now" feature that will let people buy things directly from their posts.

I'm sure I won't be the first to say this, "I'll just wait until the app fixes it's glitches to even consider jumping ship" . And they definitely do something about the subscription charge if they want it to be as successful as Instagram. (

For more info check out their website: Vero

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