Robbers Try To Rob A Store With Fake Guns & Get Instant Karma


You know what the say " “the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” Excuse my language but THAT'S WTF THEY GET! Hahaha 

This video surveillance shows two young men trying to rob a store with a fake gun. Things seemed to be going as planned for them until a good Samaritan/ security noticed what was taking place and went inside the store to save the day.

The security quickly approached the two men who were collecting money from the register with his gun and shot one the men with his gun. The robbers quickly shouted "it's fake" but that did not stop this awesome security from taking action as he then replied with "Oh Well, mine is real." and had the two men stand with their hands behind their back until police arrived. Please take a moment to watch this video because its hilarious and this good Samaritan easily has one of the most epic heroism video's I've ever seen. 



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