Fun Fact You May Not Know About Me


This is self explanatory! Fun facts so you can get to know me, at least the first installment. From my broken nose to my first public intoxication (Don't judge me). Just get to know me =) 


Credit: "Born in East LA", Universal Pictures "I don't want to grow up", Toys R US "The Brady Bunch", CBS Television Distrubtion "Carrie", United Artists"Friday", "New Line Cinema "Massive KO & Broken Nose- It's Showtime 57"- It's Showtime "Selfie"- @TheEllenShow on Twitter "Baby Headbutt"- Kaitlynn Bright on Youtube "Usher yeah to sleeping Jessica"- Charles Trostle on Youtube "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy"- Dreamwork Pictures "I will remember you"- Sarah McLachlan- Arista "Finding Nemo" - Walt Disney Pictures "Spider invasion- The house of nope and nightmares"- Black Sheep Channel, Youtube @ashh_lardashh on Instagram "Billy Madison"- Universal Pictures "Dance moms"- Collins Avenue Productions "Cheech and Chong's Next Movie", Universal Pictures Google Maps "White Chicks"- Sony Pictures Releasing "Chappelle's Show"- Marobu Productions "Drunk girl kisses skunk"- Eric Fahy on YouTube "So Anxious"- Ginuwine, 550 Music/Epic Google Images  

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