New Trend: Engagement Ring Finger Piercing

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Why wear an engagement ring … when you can pierce a diamond right into your skin? Yep, a new trend in Millennial engagements is piercing the diamond directly onto your finger. This isn't your standard piercing, though -- because the stud doesn’t come out the other side of your finger. 

Instead, body modification specialists have to place a dermal anchor into the skin, which involves removing a circle of skin with a dermal punch, and then placing an anchor into the hole, which will attach to the piercing. Ouch! (NY Post)

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#engagementpiercing nouvelle tendance 2018? Bye bye la traditionnelle alliance de mariage bonjour les piercings d'engagement. Personnellement j'aime trop mais trop douillette pour le faire... Et vous, qu'en pensez-vous? Yay or Nay? #alliance #mariage #piercing #repost @wilstasis with #getrepost

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Hey guys! The next days we will talk about engagement trends. I found this new trend @featured.styles. Is a #engagementpiercing a thing for you? Do you like #engagementtrends in general? | Die nächsten Tage beschäftige ich mich mit #verlobungstrends. Diesen neuen Trend habe ich @featured.styles gefunden. Ist ein #verlobungspiercing etwas für euch? Gefallen dir #verlobungstrends im allgemeinen? #trendweek #engagementtrendweek

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Engagement piercing instead of a proper band is reputed to be the new thing. Would you get pierced for the big "I do?" 💍🤦

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