Carmen Schools CK On A Classic Kids Movie!


So this morning I came in to work with one of my top favorite T shit's in my closet, a Powerline Tour T-Shirt and I was quickly disappointed when CK asked who that was...I dare he right? Apparently he has never watched The Goofy movie so of course I had to school him and show him two of my favorite parts of the movie. The Powerline concert scene and the concert Max( Goofy's son) put on at school! Peep the clips below:


Have no worries ladies and gents, CK says he will be putting his kids up on game with this movie now lol. My kids LOVE this movie! 

Moral of the story, it is our job as friends and as parents to school our loved ones with classic films like this! Ugh! Its such a classic! I'm going to watch again with my kids when I get home tonight.



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