Stevie Wonder and Childish Gambino Performing LIVE


Days before turning 68, Stevie Wonder gave his fans a birthday treat.

Wednesday night at the Peppermint Club in L.A., during The Stevie Wonder Song Party: A Celebration of Life, Love and Music, he performed several classic songs and also shared a range of ideas with the audience..

Referencing Childish Gambino a.k.a. Donald Glover’s new single “This Is America,” Wonder joked that he'd seen the rapper's vast video, then added, "I have this idea for my next project that I think would be great for us to collaborate on in terms of visuals. We’ll talk."

What he didn't do was preview any material from his upcoming album, claiming -- probably tongue-in-cheek -- that his backing band that night didn't know it. But he did tell Billboard he expects it to be done in "the next couple of month or so."

The Motown icon hinted at future plans, including recording with the gospel group Take Six and doing a project on location in Africa. He also said he intends to do another concert tour, but didn't offer any specifics.

Wonder capped the night with his '70s anthem "Superstition" -- with Gambino, Kelly Rowland, Jessie J and Luke James.



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