Snoop Dogg Caught Cheating On His Wife


Is Snoop Dogg cheating on the down low -- or just trying to promote a show?

Celina Powell, who you might remember from that time she lied about carrying Offset’s baby, recently re-emerged with some new tea. The Instagram personality who calls herself “The Black Widow” says she hooked up with Uncle Snoop, and they got it on while listening to his new gospel album. 

And someone shared screenshots of a text conversation with Snoop and a Facetime video. A caption reads, “Once again Mr. Mush Mouth, holier than thou I’m married to a black queen, has been caught cheating on his so called queen once again… of all the people he chose to cheat with, he chose “insta-thot” Celina Powell. Shaking my head at this foolishness… and he paid her two racks.”

After rumors started spreading, Snoop dropped a video where he talked up the upcoming TV series Clout Chasers, which he calls “real relevant and real hood.” 



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