This Woman Looks So Much Like Beyonce Its Scary

Celebrities are used to having photos of them taken all the time, but what about people who just happen to look like stars? That's a problem Brittany Williams suffers from because the Detroit native looks almost exactly like Beyonce


Brittany told the Daily Mail that people are "constantly" taking her picture and hunting her down for selfies. 

She explained, "I get approached all the time; whether it be on planes, at the airport or while attending events. I've also been chased, had pictures taken of me without my consent and pranks done without me knowing."

Williams stated that she doesn't try to look like Queen Bey and that the resemblance is just coincidental. However, she does have a lot in common with her, saying, "She sings, dances, writes and I am gifted in the same ways; we're both strong dominant women, fearless, and God fearing."

The similarities run in the family too. Brittany said, "We both have southern roots. My parents and her parents look like they could be related."



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