Baby Boy Is So Excited To Walk He Tells His Doggie


Every now and then I come across a post on social media that just makes my day. Today I came across the cutest post that just turned my heart into mush.... This adorable little boy is so excited to be walking, he tells his dog the good news! 

This little man has no idea how big he made my soul smile! So precious!  

After finding this post on twitter (which was posted by someone who was not the owner of the original post) , I found the original owner of this video and started following!

The little boy’s name is Roman. His mom( who originally posted this video on facebook) posts the BEST and cutest updates of him defying the odds against Spina Bifida. 

Here is the link to the original video on his Facebook page:


and here is the link to his moms facebook in case you'd like to follow Roman's journey!



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